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Giving clients access to first-rate medical treatment around-the- clock. delivering trustworthy, dependable, and easily accessible healthcare. We ensure that every single healthcare requirement is met, whether it is through online doctor consultations, lab test reservations, medication delivery, or corporate health and wellness programs.

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WellBeing App was born out of a collective vision to simplify medical management for both doctors and patients. Recognizing the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and individuals seeking seamless care, our team embarked on a mission to bridge the gap with a user-friendly platform.

With a commitment to efficient appointment scheduling, streamlined data sharing, and hassle-free health tracking, WellBeing App emerged as a dedicated solution for comprehensive medical care.

Our Vision & Mission

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To create a healthcare ecosystem where access to medical services is effortless and personalized, empowering individuals to take control of their well-being.

WellBeing App is committed to providing a one-stop destination for booking appointments, searching for labs and pharmacies, and facilitating smooth communication between doctors and patients. Our goal is to enhance the healthcare experience by leveraging technology to simplify processes, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more connected community.

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Ashish Barwe

CEO and Founder

Peter Kunszt

Chief Technology officer

Mathias Wegmüller

Business Development Manager


Chief Technology officer

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